Sculpture & Drawing
Artist Statement
2007 - 2009
2010 - 2011
2012 - 2014
Cocktail Tables

While all of the forms I make are total abstractions, some are inspired by the human form. I see limbs, heads and torsos emerging without my conscious intention. Others are inspired by organic forms in nature.

I am attracted to simple shapes for their power and forcefulness. I do not seek to show-off a technical expertise but rather to make an emotional impact with a forthright statement of what I find meaningful----the power of the shape.
It can take days of forming and re-forming a shape as it morphs from something arbitrary and complicated into something simple and whole, with a special "rightness" that announces itself as realized with a moment of revelation on my part. Within that recognition of "rightness", there must be an element of oddness -­--something unforeseen.

I am always trying to discover a new shape---something deeply personal and a bit eccentric and often comical. I must be surprised by the result or I am not satisfied.

In the sculptural pieces, I am constantly turning the piece to make a form that is interesting from all angles and I enjoy arranging the finished pieces in different combinations. I do see them sometimes as groupings of family members whose relationships fluctuate according to their individual positions within the assemblage. They can be arranged in all sorts of ways and thus the experience of looking at them can always be refreshed.

I keep the surfaces simple so as not to detract from the evocative power of the form.